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Events & Projects

"Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life"   -   Pablo Picasso

Artist In Residence - Debbie Qadri

Latest work

As part of the Artist-in-Residence Program at Gardenvale Primary School, Debbie Qadri, a ceramic artist and teacher, was seconded by Michele Jones to produce a wall mural on both campuses of the school. Debbie Qadri works as a community/Public artist in Melbourne and her interests lie in working with communities to develop artworks in public space that reflect their own voices and values.


Debbie has a background in teaching, visual arts and writing, and these contribute to her practice as an artist working with communities and in public space. Her concerns are to facilitate artworks in public space that have authentic community input and participation from the community through making.

It was envisaged that each student would be given the opportunity, (during 3 visual art sessions in Terms 2, 3 and 4), to design and fire two ceramic pieces to take home, as well contributing another piece to the Senior or Junior Campus murals. 

The Senior Campus mural design consisted of a huge circular "Japanese Dragon", (which was linked to the Language Other Than English program at the school), and a "Fantasy Garden" was proposed for the wall at the back of the hall on the Junior Campus to link in with the various Inquiry Units undertaken by the Junior students. It was decided that Year 3 - Year 6 would be involved in creating the ceramic Japanese dragon mural and that the Year Prep - Year 2 students would create the ceramic mural on the Junior School Campus.


More than the completion of two magnificent murals that will forever represent the creativity and skill of the students at Gardenvale Primary School, were the benefits of a collaboration of a group of children and adults who had a single focus and purpose to fill a space with a beautiful piece of art. To further discover the painstaking process, by clicking on the images below, you will be able to view images of the students  developing their ceramic skills and enjoying an authentic learning experience.

Brighton Cemetery - 160th Anniversary

To celebrate 160 years since the first burial at the Brighton General Cemetery in North Road, the Brighton Cemetorians held an open day on Sunday 18th October and the community was invited to partake in this historic event. The celebrations included a horse drawn hearse walking tour, plaque unveilings for Col Duncan McLeish CMG CBE VD & John Lamont Dow, the reading of a poem about war and the singing of ANZAC songs by students from the Gardenvale Primary  School.


Artwork completed by our Year 5 and Year 6 students was created and displayed in the lodge on the property, and included an interpretation of the works of artists, Frederick McCubbin and Arthur Boyd, both of whom are buried in the cemetery. Artist/journalist Francis (Tom) Carrington, (who is also interred in the cemetery and who is known for his sketches of Ned Kelly during his capture in Glenrowan, 1880), was also featured in the artwork celebration and these pieces were undertaken during Visual Arts sessions in Term 3 and Term 4.

Art Expo - The Many Faces of Gardenvale Primary School

As part of an Arts Expo celebrating the Visual and Performing Arts Programs at Gardenvale Primary School, Michele Jones organised an Art Show titled "The Many Faces of Gardenvale Primary School". In excess of 1800 pieces of art work, (including samples of clay, modeling, painting, construction, threads and textiles, soft sculpture, drawing, and printing), were on display in the Multipurpose Centre on the Senior 

Campus and local member, Louise Asher, opened the proceedings. The school community and beyond were invited to come and see a diverse range of skills, techniques and talent shown by the students at Gardenvale primary School and the event was a tremendous success.

Art Show Workshop - St Joseph's Primary School

St Joseph’s Primary School is located in St. John’s Road, Springvale and at present the school has students from 17 different countries, speaking about 27 different languages and currently has an enrolment of approximately 680 students in Years Prep - 6. In Term 4, the school is undertaking an art show using masks as a theme throughout.


Each class has been given large canvas to display their art piece / pieces and as there is no specialist art teacher at the school, Michele Jones was seconded to support classroom teachers to further develop skills and ideas. In a 2½ hour workshop, 55 teachers were shown a slideshow featuring artwork completed by students at Gardenvale Primary School from Year Prep to Year 6 and they were then given the opportunity to undertake a hands-on session where three diverse masks were completed.


The first mask created was a Beijing Opera mask where skills on creating symmetry on a 3D shape were explored. The artwork of American clay artist, Jimmy Cantrell was the inspiration of the second layered cardboard mask and finally a new papier mache product was introduced that enhanced the features of a basic paper mask mould.

Samsung Professional Development - Year 3 students Gardenvale Primary

As Part of the Samsung Tablet Implementation Program in the Middle School at Gardenvale Primary School, as Learning Technologies Manager, I invited Ben Davis and Felicia Stanley, two representatives from the Integrated Mobility Field Team, to visit the school to deliver some hands-on professional development to our students, using the Tab A devices and a variety of graphic wizards and tools. It is envisaged that classroom technology solutions can boost student engagement and achievement and improve teacher effectiveness and this tablet program has been developed to support the school's Strategic Plan in the area of student engagement and student learning  and achievement outcomes. 

Students were shown how to retrieve the S pen device and then write, change text and save records on the device. Students were also given the opportunity to hand write text which was then converted to type and also change speech to text as well. In the next round of professional development, the students will be shown such aspects as split screen Internet research skills  and how to save and print their work to the school's network. 

Year 3 students have also been exposed to such programs as Kahoot, a quiz / survey software program and will soon be participating in an introductory series of coding programs using the Tab A devices and Code . org and Scratch software. 

Gardenvale Primary School Artwork on Display - Southern Metropolitan Office

Currently, at the Southern Metropolitan Regional Office in Dandenong, there is on display, a collection of artwork that has been completed by

students from Year Prep - Year 6 at our school. The request for a mixed sample of student artwork came from our Principal, Chris Chant, who was asked to provide some artwork for the walls of the Education Department office.                       


The collection provided included a variety of genres and styles across all year levels and showed a comprehensive selection of work depicting the painting, printing, drawing, collage, clay, construction, threads and textiles and soft sculpture skills of the students at Gardenvale Primary School.

The display has been a great success and visitors to the office have all commented very favourably on the high standard, imagination shown and creativity evident in all the pieces.  What a fantastic opportunity to give our students a purpose for their amazing artwork and they should all be very proud of their achievement.

Artwork In The Community - Federal Liberal Member For Goldstein

Federal Liberal Member for Goldstein, Tim Wilson, approached Gardenvale Primary School for some artwork to be included on the front and inner cover of his office’s annual Christmas card. The images below were selected and printed on the card, which was then distributed throughout the community. Congratulations to the students whose artwork was selected. Such a compliment!

Resilience Project  - Gratefulness, Empathy & Mindfulness

The Resilience Project at Gardenvale Primary School has provided teachers and students with practical strategies to promote positive mental health. The lessons focused on character strengths and then the themes of Gratitude, Empathy, Mindfulness and Emotional Literacy using film, books, stories, drama and activities were incorporated to engage students.


As part of the project, in visual arts sessions, the students on the Senior Campus created a "Gratitude Tree", where they wrote something that they were grateful for on a leaf which they had painted using water colour discs. The tree was installed over the library door opening for all to see and read. They were encouraged to think about all the amazing things that they have in their life which they may have taken for granted. Students on the Junior Campus created  a "Gratitude Jar" and they decorated their "marbles" and also wrote what they were thankful for.  

Father's Day Gifts and Cards  - Created in Visual Arts sessions

Towards the end of Term 3, the whole school has been involved in making Father's Day gifts and cards in time for September 3. Porcelain mugs were decorated in a variety of designs, patterns and messages and each level created their own cards using collage techniques.  The cards below were created by students in Year's 6, 4, 5 and 3 respectively. I am sure that you will agree that they certainly look fantastic!

"My Dream Home" - Marshall White Primary School Art Competition

In Term 3, Marshall White real estate agents, ran a "My Dream Home" competition. Students in differing age levels were asked to submit a piece of artwork depicting their  ‘Dream Home’ and they were encouraged to think about how this theme was relevant to them and how to express what a dream home meant to them. The students were invited to draw, paint, create a collage or other form of artwork that reflected the theme of “My Dream Home.” The images below depict some of the entries received from Year Prep to Year 6 that were shortlisted for the competition! Good luck everyone! You did an amazing job! Let's hope one of our students wins the $500 People's prize!

"Silent Auction!" - Gardenvale Primary School 2019 Fair

On Saturday, November 16, Gardenvale Primary School will be holding our biennial school fair. To raise additional funds for school projects, there will be a silent auction of children’s artwork. During a silent auction, bids are written on a sheet of paper that is commonly placed before or next to the item. At the predetermined end of the auction, the highest listed bidder wins the item.

Students in Years Prep – Year 5 have all completed one framed image per year level, and every student has contributed a piece of artwork to complete this image. For example, every student in Year 1 decorated some scales that were added to a giant rainbow fish, over 180 scales in total, which was then framed for sale.

We look forward to seeing how much each piece of artwork will fetch at auction and we are sure that you will agree, that they will look magnificent hanging on any wall at home or in the office!

The artwork shown below has been done by Year Prep, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 respectively.

"Just Do It!" - Year 6 Nike Design Project

​As part of a Term 3 Inquiry Unit on Pop Art, Year 6 students were given the task of designing the 2020 summer edition sports runners for NIKE Australia. The students were given a design brief and informed that their clients would be 8 year olds - 11 year olds and non gender specific.

As it happens, a parent who is connected to Nike Melbourne, informed us that Nike would be interested in possibly awarding the winning designs with a pair of Nike Joyride runners. How amazing!!! The students are so excited and the entire Senior School have now cast their votes after viewing all the runners that are on display in the library.

What a fabulous introduction to Visual Communication and marketing. Thank you so much Nike for being interested and supportive about our curriculum and what the students have produced and achieved.

"Just Do It!" - Year 6 Nike Design Project Winners!

The winners of the Nike design competition are Lauren Paxman and Ariel Profus, respectively, who are both from 6A. Ava Klass Congratulations on your amazing designs. Year 3 - Year 5 students voted for these two prototypes and they certainly fantastic shoes!


"Remote Learning Program." - Activities Completed By Students .


As part of the Remote Learning Program and the Term 2 Environmental Sustainability Inquiry Unit, students from Year 1 – Year 6 were encouraged to use activities from ART ONLINE, a link located on this Visual Arts website. Over forty of the best art websites were posted here, as well as over 120 lessons which I created using simple resources that could be recycled and re-used and found at home.

In this unprecedented program, students were given the opportunity to take responsibility for their own choices and learning and to accept new challenges and art experiences.

A "Remote Learning Gallery" was created in the Senior School foyer, show-casing the diversity of artwork that students posted over 7 weeks.

"Remote Learning Art Prizes." - Rewarded for Effort and Consistency.


Due to Remote Learning throughout Term 2, the majority of my art budget was not spent, so I decided to use an amount to purchase art supplies for students who consistently posted artwork each week and who showed a great effort in the diversity of the work presented. Some of the items included twistable crayons, pavement chalks, jumbo crayons, water-based pastels, paint palettes and canvas boards. Each item was delivered by car to the student’s house due to social distancing and over $1000 and 120 prizes were given out! The students had no idea that they had won anything and the prizes were only delivered in Week 4 and Week 5 of the program.

"Gardenville Spoon Village!" - Whole School Covid 19 Project.

​To bring some happiness in these very uncertain times, the students, families and teachers at Gardenvale Primary School were encouraged to create a spoon character that would be placed in our front garden on the Senior School Campus for all to see.  As of September 9, we have 321 divine spoons peeking out along the fence line, protected from the elements by our Gardenvale Primary School marquis. The tremendous joy that this initiative has brought to our community and beyond has been phenomenal and it has shown that together, we can make a huge difference to those around us. Congratulations to everyone who participated and gave their all to making this whole school event absolutely amazing. Onward and Upward as always! Brilliant effort!

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