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Gardenvale Artists

"Creativity takes courage"   -   Henri Matisse


There are so many talented artists at Gardenvale Primary School, which is certainly evident in the many displays, projects and competitions undertaken by the students. However there is a vast number of students who pursue their love of art outside school hours, both at home and at art schools where they are enrolled. This link is in recognition of their talent, perseverance, motivation and creativity. Onward and Upward Gardenvale Primary School.

Georgie Q. Is 9 years old and she is in 4D.  One of her favourite pastimes at home is undertaking threads and textiles projects. This gorgeous fabric doll is one of her latest accomplishments. Amazing!

Ilana T. is in 4D and she made this emoji pillow at home by viewing "Craft Life" on YouTube. She used some coloured felts and fabric glue and then padded it with nylon filling. So cute Ilana and looks very comfy!

Hanna G. is in Year 4 and she received a "Make-a-Puppy Kit" for Christmas. She started the project straight away and carefully followed the sewing instructions. Hanna  loves him even though his nose fell off!

Keren, Ashleigh and Jazzy are Year 6 students who run an Art Club every Thursday on the Senior Campus. Year 3 students are invited to partake in a range of activities and this week they completed a collage activity. 

Ethan G. is a student in Year 6 and he is 11 years old. Although he has only been attending an Art Academy for one term, his brilliant drawing skills are very evident in this amazing pencil sketch of an old shoe. Keep up the your drawing skills Ethan!

Zoe B. is 10 years old and she is in Year 4. She loves doing art activities at home and she made these beautiful chicken and rabbit pompom creatures using a kit that contained the wool, felt pieces and beads. Great effort Zoe! They are gorgeous!

Jemima is 8 years old and she is in Year  3. She made this glitter shaker by adding jewels, beads, sequins, glitter and a blue metal heart-shaped bangle and then filling it with water. When you shake the bottle, all the sparkles float around in the jar. 

Eleven year old Rebecca is in Year 5 and she loves undertaking all kinds of art activities. At her art class, she made this colorful wall hanging by weaving different coloured elastics to form this artwork. The elastics were stapled onto a large piece of timber. Amazing!

Mia is 10 years old and she is in Year  4. On a recent trip to Bendigo Pottery, she had the opportunity to create her own pots using a potter's wheel. With the help of a potter, Mia made these two beautiful little ceramic pots. Well done!  

Elke W. is in Year 4 and she really enjoys all aspects of Visual Arts. In her spare time, she loves experimenting in threads and textile projects. These cushions which she hand-stitched at home, are her own design. Well done Elke! Keep sewing!

Jess is 9 years old and she is in Year 4. She loves undertaking sewing projects and she is shown holding a doll that is wearing a dress that she designed and stitched. Maybe she will be a famous fashion designer when she grows up!

Amelie K. is a student in Year 2C. She shows a great talent in art and she particularly loves drawing Pokemon characters. This image of a cat is her own design and she's used coloured pencils and markers. Love your work Amelie!

Ten year old Marlee is in Year 4 and she is a very talented artist. At art school during the school holidays, she painted this fantastic painting. The Autumn colours are fabulous, as is her growing understanding of perspective. Amazing Marlee!

Zoe and Milla are 6 years old and are both in Year 1. They are very talented artists who are not afraid to take risks in their drawing styles. These colourful drawings depict our recent bush dance that was held at school. How great do they look!

Will F. is 6 years old and he is in Year 1. Will really loves drawing and he particularly enjoys sketching dinosaurs. This piece of artwork is nearly 2 metres in length and depicts a really huge collection of dinosaurs in their habitat. What a fantastic efffort!

Nine year old Mia is in Year 3 and she is a talented threads and textiles artist! She loves to crochet, especially small animals and has been doing this craft since she was in Year 1. Taught by her Mum, Mia made this kangaroo using a rabbit pattern.

Emily is in Year 3 and she loves doing art projects at home. This cute toy is called "Spot" and his body has been made from an old towel. His features were added using bottle lids, markers and cardboard. What a brilliant way to recycle disused items! 

Amelie is 11 years old and she is very talented in drawing. She attends an art class where she created this picture using markers and Amelie particularly enjoys the art of Manga drawings which is a style of cartoon drawing originating in Japan. Keep it up Amelie!

Nine year old Amy is in Year 4 and she loves doing clay work. After a visit to Bendigo Pottery, Amy was able to use a potter's wheel for the first time to create these two little pots. They were then glazed and fired and Amy loved the experience. 

Scarlett is in Year 3 and she demonstrates a love of visual arts. She particularly loves drawing, using books and resource materials as a guide. At her art school, she did this pencil drawing of a lizard and carefully shaded the markings after referring to the picture.

Twelve year old Nicole is in Year 6 and at home, she really enjoys decorating paper serviettes. Using water- based markers, she draws her own design and then sprays the paper with water, causing the colours to bleed. Take a look! 

Ariella who is 11 years old, is our school's Art Captain and she is an extremely talented artist. In her art class, she took a print off a ceramic tile using water colour paints and then added the lips and the eye by hand. The results are truly amazing!

Joel is 11 years old and he is a very talented artist. He really enjoys drawing, using markers and coloured pencils to create the images and he particularly loves sketching cartoon characters from books and television  programs. Fantastic effort Joel! Keep drawing!

Poppy who is 9 years old is in Year 3. She is a very talented artist and really enjoys drawing with grey lead pencils. One of her favourite topics to draw is horses and although it is a very challenging subject, she practises regularly.  Well done! 

Callie is in Year 3 and she is 9 years old.  During her spare time at home, she loves to do pencil drawings and she has been practising since she was 5. Here is one of her latest sketches of a horse. Great job Callie! Keep practising!  

Nine year old Lexi is in Year 3 and just recently, she has taken up sketching at home. Using grey lead pencils and pictures from a variety of books as a reference, she tries to draw regularly to improve her skills. Keep up the fantastic drawings!

Dana is a Year 5 student and she is 11 years old. A very talented artist, Dana really enjoys drawing and while at home, she loves experimenting with oil pastels to create these wonderful animal images. Keep up the excellent effort Dana!

Luisa is in Year 3 and she loves undertaking art projects in her spare time. Last holidays she attended an art class where she created a dream-catcher using an old tennis racquet. Feathers , string, beads and poms poms were used and it took 4 hours!

Flynn is a Year 4 student who really enjoys pencil drawings. One chilly morning while on a holiday in Bright, he was inspired to sketch this field  which was covered by mist.  I hope that you continue to love sketching Flynn. Well done!

Jack is a Year 5 student and he he loves spending his spare time drawing in his journal. He particularly loves sketching animals and he used a large photograph of a wolf as a starting point for this pencil drawing. Wow! Keep it up Jack!

Amelie, a student in 3B, also attended an art program during the last holidays with her friend Luisa.  She also constructed a dream-catcher using a recycled tennis racquet and pompoms, string, wool, feathers, beads and even a silk flower! WOW!

Ned is in Year 3 and he is becoming an expert at needle felting. After completing an activity in class, Ned received a felting kit for his birthday and he has made some amazing things such as this bear, a flower and a basketball. FAB!



Sanjana is a Year 3 student who loves threads and textile activities. Just recently in Holiday Club, Sanjana was given the opportunity to create this beautiful owl. What an amazing effort  Sanjana! Keep it up! 


Marcos is a Year 5 student who loves drawing. He particularly enjoys sketching dragons and super heroes and he has used pencils, Copic pens and Sharpies to complete this design. Amazing effort Marcos! We would love to see more!  


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