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Year 5

The Visual Arts Program at Gardenvale Primary School offers the students a wide range of skills, techniques and processes. The artwork below, showcases the students' diversity, creativity and innovation. 


“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”    -    Edgar Degas


Click on the image "Collections" below to view more examples of the students' artwork and achievement. The most recent additions can be found by scrolling down the page. Teacher: Michele Jones


Blurred Lines

Pioneer Days

Can't Bear It

Daisies On Canvas

McCubbin - Lost

Mirror Images 

Neat Nebulae

Completely Wired

Get to the Point

Toned Down

Alien Invasion

Plethora Of Politicians

Peculier Picassos


Gold Rush Days

Mache Madness

Interesting Initials

Nolan Ned Kelly's

It's Only Words

Name Triangles

Being Negative

Aliens Invading

Mother's Day Cards

Great Graffitti

Pastel Picassos

Porcelain Perfection

Scrunched Up!

Terracotta Plates

Indigenous Melways

Return to Sovereign Hill

Face On Stone.

Nolan's Neds

Perfect Pottery

Lost in Space!

i Robot!

Ode to Romero Britto

Laurel Burch Bag Cats

Ode to Paul Klee

Just face it!

Mother's Day Clay Bowls 

Ugly Dolls

Martian Madness!

A Far Away Galaxy!

Martian Mayhem!

The Far Horizon!

Circular Loom Owls!

Woven Paper Illusions


LOVE Canvas

Beautiful Butterflies!

Reverse Applique

Airdry Clay Busts

Airdry Clay Busts


Me! Me! Me! 


Teapots on 


Split Image!


Terrifying Tornadoes!



Space Cadets!

A Galaxy Far Away!

Very Ugly Dolls!

Crazy Me!

Indigenous Fish.


Happy Hoodies!

Fire Storm!

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