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Year 4

The Visual Arts Program at Gardenvale Primary School offers the students a wide range of skills, techniques and processes. The artwork below, showcases the students' diversity, creativity and innovation. 


"Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known"    -    Oscar Wilde


Click on the image "Collections" below to view more examples of the students' artwork and achievement. The most recent additions can be found by scrolling down the page. Teacher: Michele Jones

Rosella Namok Homage


Woman In Gold

Land Down Under

Getting In Shape

Calico Cat Bags

Paper Batik

Barred Bandicoots

Charcoal Pugs

Indigenous Icon

Beaut Boomerangs

Skewed View

Buddha Prints

Chuck Close

Alien Birds

Endangered Soft Sculpture

Mirror Names

Corrugated Faces

All Stitched Up

Picasso Bags

Clay Turtles

Clay Happy Birds

Zulu Warriors

Dream Of The Thylacine

Imperilled Animals

Dry Felted Bears

Save Our Oceans

Land Before Time

All Dolled Up

Felt So Good

Split Personality

Wired For Sound

Flower On Canvas

Leaves On Pages

Live Wire.

Going Potty!

Dreamtime Owls

Ode to Minnie Pearl

Ode to Rosella Namok

Xray Vision

Indigenous Masks

Imperilled Avifauna


Imperilled Turtles

Etched Insects

Crazy me!

Topeng Batik Masks

Mother's Day Canvas

Indigenous Maps

Bali Sunsets


Printed Buddhas

Wacky Weaving!

The Goldrush in Ballarat

Me! Me! Me!


Tribal Clothing

"I Just Ate My Friend!"

I'm Australian Too!


Butterflies on Canvas

Milk Bottle Masks


Woven African Baskets.

The Useless Object!

Dancing Brolgas



Indigenous Hands

Ode to Rudy Willingham.

Mother's Day 2020.

Face on Acetate.

Ode to Romero Britto!

Pintor Magic!

Be Yourself!

Bathing Boxes.

African Savannah


Sandra Silbersweig's

Clay Works






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