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Artist of the Week:

'Earth' without 'art' is just 'Eh'   -   Steve Lambert


Each week, as part of the celebration of student achievement in Visual Arts, an "Artist of the Week" has been selected  from both the Junior and Senior school.  The artwork shown has been completed by the students during Visual Arts sessions and portrays the exemplary techniques, creativity and dedication undertaken by the student.


Click on the images below to view the Visual Arts achievement of the students from Year Prep to Year 6 at Gardenvale Primary School. The artwork was inspired by the Inquiry Units undertaken in the classroom at each level, as well as being based on stand-alone units linked to Victorian Curriculum guidelines.


Congratulations to all the students on their amazing achievements. Onward and Upward!

Mei Lin  - Year 6

Iggy Matthews - Year 4

Clem Pitts - Year 2

Adi Rapoport - Year 6

Lily Swies - Year 3

Roy Ingleton - Year 2

Milla Besanko - Year 1

Jessica Marshall - Year 5

Hanna Graham - Year 5 

Lauren Ho - Year Prep

Emily Muller - Year Prep 

Madoka Mori - Year 1 

Oleanda Thorp - Year 3

Hannah Green - Year 4

Cate Flannigan - Year 4

Freddie Featherstone - Year 3

Jacob Thomas - Year 3

Eliana Brodsky - Prep 

Thomas Aitkin - Year Prep

Ella Stein - 5B

Shaylee Goodman 3A

Jemima Pettigrew 4B

Edi Mandie Year 1






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